September 7, 2021


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Overfinch is delighted to present three stunning projects from our Works division, designed for customers seeking the character of the original vehicle, with the quality assurance of the world’s leading Land Rover tuner.

The Overfinch Works department breathe new life into classic vehicles while retaining their provenance and integrity. Unlike restored or modern cars bearing the Overfinch name, these vehicles have no mechanical or engineering upgrades. Their design and styling is based on an unadulterated factory original, with the exception of some minor improvements for modern day motoring, such as phone integration and audio visual upgrades. The aim of every Overfinch Works project is to present a vehicle honouring but exceeding the standards to which it was originally made.

The journey of restoration is dedicated to rebuilding and reconditioning as many original components as possible and it starts with a complete vehicle disassembly. Every panel, component and nut-and-bolt are disassembled, inspected, restored or replaced.

Any eroded components are refurbished, the engine is reconditioned to a zero-mile standard and the interior is refurnished to its original condition. Thousands of hours of specialist labour are dedicated to these vehicles before a showstopping collectable is ready for its next chapter. The result is a timeless, authentic masterpiece worthy of any collector’s or enthusiast’s garage.

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