Each Order is checked for accuracy, packaged accordingly to industry standards, and shipped using the best carriers available. However, occasionally mistakes do happen. To expedite resolutions to overage, shortage and damage (OS&D) issues, we encourage you to use the following guidelines.

Inspect Delivery 

Before signing for a package or freight shipment, it is your responsibility to inspect the delivery for visible signs of damage. 

Look for the following:

  • Torn or punctured cardboard or stretch wrap
  • Broken or crushed corners
  • Broken pallet
  • Consignment stacked askew or shifted on a pallet
  • Broken “Overfinch” security tape

If damage is found:

  • Immediately write down description of damage on the delivery receipt, inform the driver and take pictures of the damage.
    • Note: If damage is not recorded and brought to the driver’s attention, the carrier will not honour any damage claim.
  • If the driver is willing to wait, open the shipment and inspect items. Note any internal damage on the delivery receipt and inform the driver. 
  • Sign for the delivery and contact Overfinch within 48 Hours to file a claim.

Verify Your Order

  • Compare the items shipped with the Packing List included with your shipment and verify that your order has been received.
  • If there is an overage or shortage of items, contact Overfinch within 48 hours to file a customer service claim. Please do not wait until you start your job to verify the contents of your order.

Reporting OS&D

For an Overage or Shortage Claim

  • Immediately after inspecting your order, report any discrepancies between your packing list and the contents of your shipment.
  • If you receive an item you didn’t order or if you need to return an item you have received, contact the Overfinch Parts Team on +44 3330 063 083 who will give you details of your replacement or return.

For Shipping Damage:

  • Immediately after reporting damage to the driver, contact Overfinch Parts Team on +44 3330 063 083
  • You will be asked to send the following:
    •  Pictures of the damaged packaging and product
    • Copy of the Delivery Receipt and bill of Lading
  • Once the claim has been filed with the carrier, you may be contacted by the carrier for the damage inspection. For a successful inspection, you must keep all original packaging and damaged product until the claim has been settled.
  • We will expedite any order of replacement items for damaged product. Your account will be credited these items upon completion of the claim

Returning Product:

If for whatever reason you need to return product you have purchased, please contact the Overfinch Parts Sales Team to arrange the return of your items.

  • Contact the Overfinch Parts Sales Team and provide your invoice/document Number for any unopened, new product in original packaging you wish to return.
  • You will be provided with a WIP number to include on your shipment. Your WIP number must be visible to receive a credit for your return.
  • Return your items to :

Overfinch Ltd
Unit 23 Ash Way
Street 6 South
Thorp Arch Estate
LS23 7FD

  • To expedite claims processing, Email the tracking number for your return and WIP number to [email protected] .
  • Once we have received your return, your account will be credited for the original purchase price minus 15% restocking Fee.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. 

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